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Single Dose Liquid Packaging

Single Dose Liquid Packaging

The Unit Pack single-dose flexible packaging tube delivers only the amount of liquid or even semi-solids necessary for the job, reducing waste and over-application. The easy-to-tear tip is just that, easy to tear. Once the package has been opened, a metering channel provides directional control with a precision iris tip. Squeeze gently and the channel opens. Stop squeezing and the tip closes, protecting your product. The three-dimensional and flexible package design assures easy and precise dispensing. Unlike resealable packaging, our single-use tube prevents tampering and contamination.

Our Unit Pack has uses in many Industries such as Personal Care & Cosmetics, Greases and Lubricants & the Automotive Industry. Click here to learn more! 


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The Unit Pack single dose packaging is manufactured with high barrier films, in either clear or white, which comply with the U.S Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act for packaging of foods, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

  • Flexible lightweight packaging for all your single-use needs
  • Fill sizes ranging from 0.5ml through 30ml for a wide range of applications
  • Package body available in clear or white
  • Choose from our standard or spout tip designs
  • MOQ 10,000

Single Dose Liquid Products we work with:


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Accurate Dosage: Unit Pack's Single Dose Liquid Packaging ensures that the user receives a precise and consistent dosage, which is essential for products like medications, dietary supplements, and cleaning agents. This minimizes the risk of overuse or underuse. The sealed nature of single-dose packaging can help extend the shelf life of liquid products by protecting them from oxygen and light exposure, thus reducing the need for preservatives. This is important for items like cosmetics, condiments, and healthcare products.


Features of Unit Pack's single dose packaging
  • FDA Registered for Pharma, Food and Medical Devices
  • Dispenser tip for precise application
  • Multicolor printing available
  • Long shelf life
  • High barrier films with low oxygen and water transmission rates, maintain product integrity over long periods of time

Single Dose Liquid Packaging serves 

The specific purpose of single-dose packaging may vary depending on the industry and the product it is used for. However, the overarching goal is to enhance user experience, product safety, and efficiency while minimizing waste and contamination risks.

Unit Pack has experience working with market leaders in the following industries to create the single dose packaging solution for any application. 

Single Dose Liquid Packaging Capabilities

  • Single-dose packaging offers a convenient way for consumers to access and use a product without the need for measuring, pouring, or diluting. It simplifies the user experience and saves time.
  • Unit Pack is capable of filling single-dose packets in doses ranging from .5 to 60ml.
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