Types of Packaging- The Unit Pack

Liquid Unit Dose Packaging


High Barrier Unit Dose Packaging 

The Unit Pack is a liquid stickpack manufactured with High Barrier Films, produced from resin and additives which comply with the U.S. Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for packaging of foods and pharmaceuticals. The film is crystal clear and sparkling white. Color matching available for large orders. The color is pigmented throughout the plastic, not just the surface. It will not scratch, smear or rub off. A very thin, high barrier 6 mil. film protects the integrity of your product from oxygen, water and oil assuring long shelf-life and customer satisfaction. 

Industries Using Single Dose Packaging 

Contact us today if you are looking for single dose packaging for your industry application! 

Liquid Stick Pack Design

Enhance your Unit Pack with bright beautiful hot-stamped printing. Pick a color, any color. We can match the PMS color of your choice, even metallics. Imagine your graphics in gleaming gold, shimmering silver, vibrant red , palest blue. Even multi-color printing is available. And unlike flexographic printing, our colors are strong and pure. Our dry print process is heat activated, using no solvents, and our  pigments contain no heavy metals.

The Unit Pack is a study in effective unit dose package design. The easy tear tip is just that, easy to tear. Once the package has been opened, a metering channel remains. The channel provides directional control and is designed with an iris tip. Squeeze gently and the channel opens. Stop squeezing and the iris closes, protecting your product. The three dimensional shape and flexible wall assures easy and complete dispensing. The High Barrier Films of the body will not crease or pinhole and strong welding insures the package will survive abuse. Your product remains in perfect condition.

Unit Dose Flexible Film PouchesGreen tube

    • Any size from .5 ML. Through 60 ML.
    • Multiple dispensing tip designs available
    • Package body available in clear or white
    • Multiple High barrier films available to suit your needs.
    • Multicolor print