Pharmaceutical Unit Dose Packaging

Liquid Pharmaceutical Packaging

For fifty years, Unit Pack has provided the American healthcare sector with reliable, innovative, and cost-efficient solutions for the packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals. Specialized in flexible, single-dose packaging, Unit Pack is capable of filling oral and topical liquids in doses ranging from 0.5 to to 60 ml. Whether the project involves an OTC for retail sale or a medicine administered by healthcare professionals, Unit Pack offers the highest quality packaging at competitive pricing.

Tubes and Packets for Single-Dose Applications

Unit Pack’s tubes and packets have a variety of benefits and features that make them a popular packaging option in the pharmaceutical industry. These come in a variety of sizes and have benefits outlined:

  • The Unit Pack tube is a waste-reducing solution and alternative to rigid packages
  • The Unit Pack tube utilizes less material than rigid tubes—reducing surface adhesion and maximizing discharge
  • The Unit Pack’s dispensing tip allows for a precise discharge of liquids without drips or spillage
  • The Unit Pack tube is formed with a 6 mil coextruded film, possessing barrier properties that ensure a long and stable shelf life
  • The Unit Pack tube and packets are manufactured with films that comply with the U.S. Food, Drugs, and Cosmetic Act

FDA Registered Facility Offering

Unit Pack offers unit dose packaging solutions for pharmaceuitical and nutraceutical industries by ensuring our products use FDA high-barrier packaging.

  • CGMP Compliant, Title 21 Part 211, Code of Federal Regulations, Food and Drugs
  • Trial Runs
  • Isolated Production Areas
  • Highly trained personnel
  • Quarterly FDA training
  • Post-Production Sterilization

Single Dose Packaging Capabilitiesliquid pharmaceutical packaging solutions

Mouth Moisturizer, 2 ml dose

  • 10-15 million units produced annually
  • Formed-filled-sealed a 2ml tube for a hospital debridement kit
  • Routinely conducted CGMP audit with client

Medicated Iodine Douche, 4 ml dose

  • 2-3 million units produced annually
  • Formed-filled-sealed a 4ml tube for an OTC personal care kit
  • Routinely conducted CGMP audit with client
  • Designed a specialized dispensing tip
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