Instructions Artwork


(Click Here to download a PDF of the instruction sheet)

Printing is by hot stamping. Best results may be obtained by following the instructions. 

1. All submitted Art Work must be actual size Art Work that must be reduced often produces copy that will not meet our specifications for minimum letter size.

2. Letters and numbers must be no smaller than 6 pt caps and 8 pt lower case. Light to medium type style and outline type produces the best resolution.

3. Run date and lot # must be included within the maximum print area

4. Print area rear – Reduce smaller print area dimension by 3/32”. Longest dimension to remain the same as the front.

5. Larger characters must be accomplished by using outline designs. Stems of letters or lines on a logo must be accomplished as shown below. Bold printing causes package distortion.

not acceptable
not acceptable

6. Try to avoid mixing large bold print with light print.

7. We cannot guarantee resolution when submitted art work does not follow specifications.

8. Time and effort can be saved by faxing preliminary art work.

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